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▲i will turn your critter (or you and your critter!) into fully colored pop art in my noodly drawing style!!! 
paintings are digital only so will be delivered immediately upon completion to print as you like.

will email high res and upload to redbubble for prints/stickers/merch upon request! 
▲you can ask for pose, facial expression, backsplash color, etc
▲i can recreate a favorite photo or do an original pose. 
▲some changes can be requested even upon finishing* (see notes below)
▲can add additional critters or human guardians for a family portrait! 

🔺Begin at 50$ for one critter
🔺Additional animals (or to add a person) + $30 each
🔺Payment is requested up front by Paypal, Venmo or Google Pay!

▲photos of your critter and/or human from nose to tail
▲eye color (especially for cats), tail shape (often tails are left out of reference pics)
▲fur/hair color (as lighting and filters can distort the color. i WILL paint with the colors in the photos i am provided!)
▲please specify any important markings or accessories you want included! 
▲color for the backsplash (you can ask to add stars, pet's name, or other simple details like leaves and flowers--i cannot offer complicated or detailed backgrounds at this time)
▲any other further details you want (pose, expression, overall feel of the painting, etc). Be as picky as you like, or you can say “anything is fine” and i will do my thing!

If you would like to order a painting, email with your critter's photos!🐕

​​▲the portrait can be edited ONCE after completion free of charge.
▲changes that require part of the linework to be redrawn take a very long time even if they are a small change, since i also have to redo shading and light. please specify exactly what hairstyle or outfit or pose you want yourself/your pet to be drawn with if it is important to you. please keep in mind the extra amount of work it will cause me if you change your mind after completion! 

your photo references included a ponytail hairstyle, but you did not want to be drawn in a ponytail. i need to know this beforehand.
you want your pet facing to the side/to the front but did not specify this initially and request the entire head or pose to be redrawn. this is going to take as much time as a brand new painting would.

please keep such things in mind when sending me your preferences and photo references for your painting! if you want very extensive changes that you did not initially request i may need to ask for an extra fee to be paid.


Also, if you're interested...

▲ i will draw your original character!! 
🔺begins at 55$ for full color illustration!

🔺if your character is very complex, price may be up to 80$ for full color. 

🔺you may also request a black and white line drawing only(no color) for 30$!

🔺due to complexity most will be line art but lineless can be requested for some critters.
🔺🔺REQUIRED: references of your critter!

🔺🔺YOU MAY REQUEST simple background design but i cannot do a full or complex background.

▲Payment is requested up front by Paypal, Venmo or Google Pay!

▲If you would like to order a painting, email with your references!🐕

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